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Ourania Jewelry is a proud manufacturer of fashion jewelry since 2008. We integrate product design, development, and production of a large variety of jewelry. Based on the advantages of professional and creative in-house designers, mold developers, and senior management we can produce to your specifications. Ourania experienced production team has the skill and ability to create your jewelry to your requirements.

We have a well-qualified product development team and a well-trained staff who give professional designs. This allows us to stay atop to offer OEM/ODM finished jewelry to clients worldwide.

We believe that our success is built upon total satisfaction from our customers. We ship to major retail outlets, design houses, as well as importers worldwide.


Ourania Jewelry factory is located in Changan, Dongguan, China. It is an approximate 2.5 hours travel from Hong Kong to our door; which makes an easy and convenient trip to visit our factory.

We make it a point to get all orders out in a timely fashion. We trust that we work with you on the best of terms, and for more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Quality Control

Unlike many other Chinese manufacturers, our core business lies within successfully building quality products. We can only achieve this by truly being able to manufacture to the highest quality standards. We follow, in strict accordance a carefully laid out production plan when we process every piece of jewelry.

Our many years of experience in fashion jewelry gives us the know-how to give skilled manufacturing and design help to our customers and business partners.


Ourania Jewelry has a dedicated, experienced design team that can fast track your jewelry projects. Our group of designers has the skill and experience to create your product to your specifications and meet industry standards and requirements. Couple that with our custom manufacturing, Ourania can cut a products time to market; putting our clients ahead of the competition.


Ourania following international guidelines, and best practices when designing and producing our Jewelry. Our products meet all compliance standards of SGS and RoHs.


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